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Thursday 15th October 2020 - Published source codes#98

As you may have noticed, the source codes of the Virus Maker, the Email Bomber and the Steganographer are available for download.
Also the Steganographer has been updated to support encryption (AES).

Saturday 3rd October 2020 - Programs are Back#97

The programs section has been restored, you can now download all of the programs that used to be here!
The source code of the programs will be released soon, and it will be announced in the main page.
Sadly some source codes have been lost, so there will be available only the binaries until their code will be rewritten, these unfortunate programs are the Autoclicker, the Bat to Exe converter and the Flooder.

As now, the Files Upload section hasn't implemented any encryption method, and since BlackHost is responsible for the content on his server, this is a remainder that it's strictly forbidden to upload content that is considered illegal under the italian jurisdiction. All illegal content will be removed, sorry.
Back in 2019 the website was already taken down for it's programs and this hopefully won't happen again.

Wednesday 30th September 2020 - Comments Restored and Other Minor Fixes#96

The comments functionality has been restored on the website, also after a delicate work BlackHost managed to recover almost all of the comments that were lost after the old server migration occured on the 29th March 2019. Sadly, these recovered comments date could be altered by some days.
Other minor bug fixes, such as correcting the display of the user list and fixing the user registration form, have been applied.

Tuesday 15th September 2020 - Email Server on the TOR Network#95

The email server is online again.
It was entirely moved on the TOR network: your primary email address would be @blackhost5xlrhev.onion.
But, as before, it will still be accessible from the clearnet domains mail.blackhost.xyz and blackhost.xyz (as well as blackhost5xlrhev.onion).
This new configuration allows the server to send emails to both the onion network and the clearnet, in addition to ensuring more security.

BlackHost apologises again for the inconveniences that led to a long period of downtime the email service and sincerely hopes to be found by all the old users.
It wasn't yet the end of the journey, it was just a new beginning!

Thursday 10th September 2020 - Online Again!#94

After having been offline for a while, BlackHost is finally online again!

Friday 29th March 2019 - New Libre Server#93

BlackHost has been down due server updates, but now it runs only free software!
The mail system is under maintenance, it will be moved entirely on the TOR network.

Thursday 31st January 2019 - Website Blocked#92

The clearnet website 'blackhost.xyz' has been taken down by the .XYZ registry.

Friday 29th September 2017 - New server!#91

BlackHost has now a new self-hosted dedicated server!
The security of the server and it's services were heavily improved: now all the website content is on a full encrypted disk.
The mailserver was successfully set up and the onion domain has no longer network problems.
There is also something new... an IRC Server! Accessible from irc.blackhost.xyz on ports 6667 and 6697 (SSL)

Tuesday 10th January 2017 - Happy New Year 2017#90

Happy new year to all!
Sorry for didn't have sent any newsletter, but there aren't so many things to say and also times are getting hard and free time for developing this website is decresing :(.
Unfortunately the website is still under revision and the work is progressing slowly.
CMS progress:

  1. Custom settings
  2. Main page
  3. Page handling structure
  4. Url rewrite-friendly structure
  5. User page & class
There's left only to do the Administration Area, maybe a newsletter page and the setup file!
Bad news for the programs, many of them (or maybe all) will be removed due some bugs (error exception are not handled properly), and also because they are out-of-date and with the evolution of the Windows OS, they might not work properly.
However if you want to get a copy of the programs or even the source code, you have just to Contact Me.

Saturday 19th November 2016 - Working Hard#89

BlackHost is apparently inactive but is really hard working for improving the CMS structure, it is a very hard work but finally when it will be completed you will be able to view, download and also contribute to the source code of the project!
So the website in the next weeks / months may be unavailable, sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday 12th September 2016 - Chatroom#88

The Chat script was updated: on an user' suggestion was implemented the possibility to create and change rooms and an anti-flood feature!

Thursday 8th September 2016 - Games Section#87

The Games Section was removed and replaced by the Hacker Game.

Wednesday 7th September 2016 - User System#86

The ID system of the User Page were redesigned, for a better performance and usability.
If you find any bugs, please Contact Me. Thanks.

Saturday 3rd September 2016 - Donation & Fixes#85

The Donation Page was restored, under a request of a user :D Some bugs were fixed.

Friday 26th August 2016 - Chat fixed#84

Some errors in the chat were fixed and the donation page has been removed.

Wednesday 24th August 2016 - Onion Webmail#83

Now you can also access to the webmail from the TOR network at this link: blackhost5xlrhev.onion.
This service is homemade so sometimes it could be not accessible, however there's still the clearnet webmail accessible form this link.

For creating a new email address you have just to register at this link.

Monday 15th August 2016 - Webmail#82

BlackHost has just implemented to the User system a webmail.
Register now to get a custom email address @blackhost.xyz!

For those ones that were already subscribed, who have recived some emails I apologize, there were an error in the foreach loop and in the PHPMailer.

Sunday 31st July 2016 - PGP Encryption#81

Now on BlackHost you can encrypt and decrypt your email or messsages with the PGP encryption, using this script.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 - Chat script#80

The chat script was updated and totally changed: now it is dynamic, with a fast Ajax and PHP JSON structure, and it works also with the user system!

Friday 3rd June 2016 - Newsletter#79

There were some problems with the newsletter script. Please if you can, tell me if you have recived the email correctly, and how many email have you recived
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday 23rd May 2016 - Messagging system#78

BlackHost has now implemented to the user system the messagging system, with which you can send messages to other users, view your inbox messages and other functions!

Wednesday 11th May 2016 - Comment System & RC4#77

The Comment System were updated and some bugs were fixed. There is also a new encryption / decryption script for the RC4 encryption method.

Wednesday 27th April 2016 - User Page#76

BlackHost has just implemented an User System where you can create you account, login and view your submitted comments!

Monday 18th April 2016 - Comment System#75

The comment system has now avatars/identicons for the users and a new style!

Tuesday 15th March 2016 - New script#74

Now if you want resolve a domain or an IP address, you can do it here!

Monday 14th March 2016 - Restyling#73

The navigation bar has a new style and it's also more responsive to mobile devices, for a better user experience!

Saturday 27th February 2016 - Paste Bin#72

XSS vulnerability fixed in the Pastebin script.

Saturday 20th February 2016 - Download Link#71

Download function added to the Pastebin script, and fixed in the .htaccess Generator.

Friday 12th February 2016 - Mega update!#70

BlackHost has done a very big update:

  1. All the games were removed, except the Hacker Game
  2. All the sections of the website were reorganized: now are all MySQL based
  3. Bug fixes in the whole website
  4. New scripts: Password Strength Meter, Pastebin and others more...
  5. New softwares: Autoclicker, Bat to Exe converter, File Crypter, Flooder, Port Scanner and the Steganographer
  6. New sub-categories: Converters, Crypters, String Tools and Web Tools
  7. Removed Miscellaneous section
  8. The Search Engine has got a new graphic
  9. The Hacker Game has got new levels

If you find find any bugs on BlackHost (404 pages, not working scripts, grammatical errors), please Contact Me :D

Wednesday 30th December 2015 - New programs version#69

Today a new version of the Email Bomber and the Virus Maker were relased: bug fixed and new Windows 7-friendly graphic!

Monday 21st December 2015 - Bugs & MySQL#68

Some bugs were fixed (Files Upload script and Random String generator).
The website page system is now based on MySQL!

Saturday 21st November 2015 - Captcha & Mailer#67

The captcha system was updated: now it has a class and the captcha is displayed as an image.
There is also a new function in the Mailer: now you can reply to other emails.

Tuesday 17th November 2015 - Bug Fixed#66

Comment system updated: now all tags in the comments will be removed, cause a Cross-site scripting vulerability.

Friday 13th November 2015 - Main page improvement#65

The main page now is more dynamic, the news are stored in a database and are now splitted on pages!

Wednesday 28th October 2015 - Comment System Updated#64

The comment system was updated: now you can simply reply to other users, It has a new dynamic structure, faster and easier!
The entire website will be redesigned for a faster use, so it will not be so acitive in the next month, sorry for the inconvenience. I take this opportunity also to wish you happy Halloween! It's my favourite holiday!

Wednesday 7th October 2015 - 1337 73x7 3NC0d3r#63

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7h3R3 i2 AL50 A N3w 5CRIp7: 73h r3Al-7IM3 h7ml iN73rpR373R!

Tuesday 6th October 2015 - Bug fixes and Whois Look Up#62

Today two new scripts are available on the website: the Whois look up script and the Speed Test script!
Now you can also upload multiple file at once and upload a file through link.
For who is subscribed to the newsletter: I'm so busy these months, the September's newsletter wasn't send, but I promise that the coming programs will be available!

Saturday 19th September 2015 - New games#61

Be happy! BlackHost has got three new games: Asteroids, Pac-Man and Snake.. enjoy!

Thursday 17th September 2015 - New section#60

Today BlackHost present a new section, where you can find various scripts and other stuff: the Miscellaneous section.

Sunday 13th September 2015 - Random Chooser#59

Today a new script were added, the Random Chooser and some design bugs were fixed.

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