The Steganographer is a simple program that enables you to hide secret message into an image.


Screenshot of Steganographer

MD5-Checksum: 6e87277ef4f3febe5b3cb28eab15f2cb
Download count: 3031
You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

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free palestine killed israel people#474 Reply

Free Palestine killed ISRAEL people
Posted 2 months ago

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gianambrogio#484 Reply

what is an israel?
Reply to free palestine killed israel people (#474)Posted 1 month ago

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loli#455 Reply

come faccio a spere che non hai messo qualche virus dietro a sto piccolino
Posted 3 months ago

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hackhi5#458 Reply

Devi fidarti vecchio marinaio :-)
Reply to loli (#455)Posted 3 months ago

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shred#440 Reply

Posted 3 months ago

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mrchinchill#239 Reply

It seems that something has gone wrong with me. I get something like "QQOONJHG>:875313
Posted 2 years ago

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Nico#205 Reply

Seems nice, but how does it work?
Posted 3 years ago

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crushes76#204 Reply

This will be nice on hiding something behind image
Posted 3 years ago

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noname#128 Reply

is this a virous? it is not, it's a great program
Posted 3 years ago

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James#17 Reply

Hey dude, this is actually pretty cool. You should add a text box where the user has the option to input a key of sorts and then the other person can only decode the image if they have the same key it was encoded with. I've made things pretty similar and it shouldn't be too hard. Cool program though, thanks :)
Posted 5 years ago

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