Virus Maker

The Virus Maker is a virus construction tool for creating a custom viruses with the options you prefer!


Screenshot of Virus Maker


  1. Change password
  2. Change virus icon (executable only)
  3. Delete specific/all files
  4. Kill process
  5. Matrix
  6. Message box
  7. Open program
  8. Open website
  9. Own batch code
  10. Save as an executable file
  11. Save as batch file
  12. Various functions

MD5-Checksum: 7ea0bcf9168554244babecc389b02f6b
Download count: 46221
You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

*=By clicking 'Download' you accept the Terms of Service.



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937 avatar

thejoker#937 Reply

the world is horrible we live in a society.... I have made a virus in this program, i will run it on all school computers, you will see me in the news... The JOKER DESTROYS a school with his own Highly Complex ransomware worm virus... It will sprad more than WANNACRY.... My Joker Trojan will be the WORST IN HISTORY, in fact... The WIFI will no longer exist, my virus will DDOS the internet COMPLETELY... E-Mail me at FOR MY VIRUS!!!
Posted 10 months ago

930 avatar

greg heffley#930 Reply

Everyone here is a sellout that watches Roblox TTS stories on TikTok.
Posted 10 months ago

929 avatar

lord of virus#929 Reply

in the dark web you can buy a very high quality virus...... the ones even anonymous cant have: it can turn your PC into a UFO and fly over antarctica, taking photos of it and sending it DIRECTLY on your screen, thats right... You can watch ANYONE with a PC UFO VIRUS... are u interested? contact us now
Posted 10 months ago

922 avatar

bsher#922 Reply

what should i open this with
Posted 10 months ago

912 avatar

fate#912 Reply
Posted 10 months ago

911 avatar

reverseee#911 Reply

dude its not wom its Worm
Posted 10 months ago

910 avatar

ycc_rever#910 Reply

i made virus and give the download to an noob and he installed it then his computer got hacked lol >:)
Posted 10 months ago

950 avatar

die#950 Reply

can you send the download to em so i can get someone >:)
Reply to ycc_rever (#910)Posted 10 months ago

909 avatar Reply

Posted 10 months ago

907 avatar

singh parth#907 Reply

I want to make a virus for fun
Posted 10 months ago

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