File Crypter

This programs crypts files with a stub and with multiple options.


Screenshot of File Crypter


  1. Custom Icon
  2. Encryption key
  3. AES encryption
  4. PolyStairs encryption
  5. Arcfour encryption
  6. TripleDES encryption
  7. Symmetric + PolyXOR encryption
  8. Dislables options
  9. Fake error message
  10. Spread

MD5-Checksum: 240f88d78ead0bf67b2526c3749d5215
Download count: 11092
You can download* it from this link.

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yoyo#1287 Reply

hello mister
Posted 3 weeks ago

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goezznoob#1307 Reply

Teach me to hack
Reply to yoyo (#1287)Posted 6 days ago

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cyberhackfut#1306 Reply

hi please how to use software
Reply to yoyo (#1287)Posted 1 week ago

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zeus#1261 Reply

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tophacker#1227 Reply

i modded this crypter makes every file 0 virus detects in virustotal,, ya its codeed really well but its public so ur need to mod it to be undected
Posted 2 months ago

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t1crazy#1212 Reply

Obviously it will signal trojan! idiot this is a crypter... Just open this in a VM or program your own Crypter
Posted 2 months ago

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may#1205 Reply

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white devil#1177 Reply

Posted 3 months ago

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jk niloy#1151 Reply

nice tu
Posted 3 months ago

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niggermonkey#1131 Reply

I love niggas
Posted 4 months ago

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