Bat to Exe

With this program you can easy convert batch files to executable files.


Screenshot of Bat to Exe


  1. Change Icon
  2. Convert from file
  3. Convert from textbox
  4. MsgBox script generator included!

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You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

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florentino perez#1033 Reply

Sur de Cali Cartel
Posted 1 month ago

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name#941 Reply

always gets stuck at 50% when compiling :L
Posted 3 months ago

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kddnbdjd#1094 Reply

Reply to name (#941)Posted 4 days ago

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thisisme#940 Reply

anonymopus sure :troll:
Posted 3 months ago

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zuyin#983 Reply

Oye, cuál es la contraseña
Reply to thisisme (#940)Posted 2 months ago

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terry johnson#934 Reply

I need tips on how to put a nuclear virus into the entire world... (Auto spreading virus, if you know.) We are anonymous and we love viruses and hacks. Email me at
Posted 3 months ago

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xxxanonymousxxx#923 Reply

We are the REAL anonymoous.... thanks for this BATCH TO EXE CONVERTOR... my batch bomb will DESTROY MY TEACHER. - the real anonymopus
Posted 3 months ago

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ghjjjjj#977 Reply

Lest go
Reply to xxxanonymousxxx (#923)Posted 2 months ago

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crocro#742 Reply

Posted 8 months ago

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eyeb37#799 Reply

Reply to crocro (#742)Posted 6 months ago

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