Alberti Cipher Disk

Here is an explaination of the Alberti cipher.

The Alberti Cipher Disk was one of the first polyalphabetic encryption system.
It was invented by Leon Battista Alberti, a famous italian philosopher and architect in about 1467.
In this encryption system there are two different rotating disks.
Alberti used two different alphabets located on concentric rings - this means one ring is inside of or on top of another. By lining up two different letters, one from each ring, he could make a simple substitution alphabet in which he could create a cipher.
For example, if he aligned the A on the outer ring with the G on the inner ring, this would make the following substitution alphabet used to encrypt a message:
From there, he could encrypt his message and send it to someone who knew the secret to revealing the message.

*=Alphabet used in the script.

Here you can try the Alberti Cipher Disk script.

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